About us

Vision Embroidery was established in 2002 in Queens, New York. We provide wide range of services in apparel printing and embroidery. Our primary focus is corporate and school uniform programs, branding, safety, viability and customer appreciation logo apparel. We work with the leading brands in the apparel industry along with state of the art embroidery and screen printing equipment to bring your logo to life. Our staff with extensive experience in apparel decorating will help you with our very easy order process.

We are focussed on our work. Embroidered logo apparel is all we do. We don't sell magnets, pens or coffee mugs. That would be nothing but a distraction for us. we are really good at doing.


We have a very strict inspection process and none of the product is delivered until there is a proper quality check. We have very high standards for quality check each and every product have to go through our quality check.

Inspite of the  the very high standard of quality check we have a small turnaround time to process the order. We are not dependent on any other company for embroidery as we have inhouse machinery to process the order.

We have team of expert to research on the embroidery of your logo and to make it look perfect.

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